“Breaking Free” by Mac McCusker

We are so pleased and excited to welcome Mac McCusker’s clay art to the Gullah Living Gallery. This elephant is using all of her strength to push and carry massive loads and timbers. The leashed power in the clay is evident in every line of motion, every wrinkle in her skin and every feature of her face. The bonds are about to be broken. This is a special offering, presented in conjunction with the artist’s concurrent display of her work at S.P.A.C.E. Gallery “Savannah Clay: 2015” and the address is 9 West Henry Street.

We welcome you to ‘Samantha Claar’s Gullah Living’ exclusive offering “Breaking Free” by Mac McCusker. $1200.00

"Breaking Free" by Mac McCusker.


The painting in the background by Samantha Claar – Return to Ossabaw