The Bridesmaid – Revisited

The Bridesmaid Revisited

‘The Bridesmaid – Revisited’  
24 x 36 enhanced giclee – at the gallery in City Market 

Our Bridesmaid carries a much larger, fancier bouquet for the wedding she’s in this year.  🙂
This was a lot of fun to do and it is interesting to see how my techniques have changed over time. 

Giclee’s are fine prints on canvas that I do some extra work on to make them more than just a copy of a painting.  You get a ‘painted print’ with added colors and items that make it unique from the original – at about a third of the cost.  So, good deal.  They are signed & dated, further differentiating them from the original painting and from a print. 

At present, I offer The Bridesmaid – Revisited,  In The Kitchen, Star Catcher and Heaven’s Kitchen as giclee’s in the 24″ x 36″ size.