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Aldrich D. Callins   

My wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Savannah from Birmingham, and meeting you at a gallery on the riverfront in mid May 2016. You caught us admiring your work and shared with us some history of the Gullah people. From that moment we both sporadically mentioned how much we really enjoyed your art. After speaking about it so much, we found your website and chose two pieces for our home. We have been married for seven years and are both 31 years old, and this is the first art that we have purchased from a known artist. THANK YOU.. I AM BLESSED BY YOUR INTEREST AND APPRECIATION...

Thank you very much for talking a few moments out of your day to speak with us, sharing a glimpse Savannah's history, and exposing us to your beautiful artwork of the Gullah people. We really do appreciate the chance to get to meet you and to show our family and friends your beautiful work.

Many thanks!

Denise Russell   
Author Picture

I have been a fan of yours for a few years now, becoming familiar with it in a South Carolina tourist book that we picked up on a Hilton Head/Charleston/Savannah vacation. So, I follow you on Facebook and check your website periodically. I appreciate your talent as it manifests itself through the aprons, the dolls and, obviously, your paintings.

"Sunflower Afternoon" was one of the first things I saw when I logged into Facebook yesterday morning. It made me smile all day. Especially after I learned I might have opportunity to purchase it. It was its simple beauty, rich colors and the idea of Americana. Plus I love sunflowers because they remind me of summertime at my grandparents' farm as a child. The woman holding the single sunflower just gave the entire scene a sense of calm, gentleness and warmth.

I thank you so much for the joy you bring through your talent. We will be in Hilton Head in July with a possible day trip to Savannah. Would love to stop by your studio.

Heidi Peterson   
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I met Samantha because she was in need of a web designer, never at that time, did I dream that I would fall in love with her world. Her vibrant personality comes through with each of her paintings, and I am happy to have my entry wall in my apartment feature her work. I believe the art makes my guest feel warm and invited... what better way to open one's home?
Heidi Peterson
Webmistress and HUGE fan!

Priscilla Giffey   
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Hello. I purchased these two prints from you in Sept. I promised to send you a email when I got them hung. I love them, and look at them every day while I'm quilting. They also are special because I know the artist. We loved Savannah and hope to come back some day. Thank you, Priscilla Giffey , Roseglen ND


I have just purchased my second Samantha Claar Gullah painting. They are beautiful,arrive well protected and Samantha was wonderful to handle all of my many questions.
Her works are a joy to behold. The color is vibrant, the figures are simple and yet complex. They speak history using modern medium.
I will probably purchase from her again.

Barbara Kermisch   

I had the joy of discovering your work on a visit to your Savannah gallery! It is vibrant, magical and beautiful. The women you paint are strong and rich with history. Most of all I loved the feelings they emitted which your talent imbued in them!

Sioux Towner   

Hello Samantha we visited your gallery about 1 week ago and you gave us Yvonne Grovner's, name which made it possible for us to visit Sapelo. We stayed in her cabin. I wanted to say thank you for the trip because it enriched our journey so much. That is a beauty spot - so quiet at night - we looked around and soaked in the feeling of that place. I'm kicking myself for not buying the Gullah Bible.
Thanks, Sioux Towner

T'Keyah Breonia Sutton   

I can't even put into words how amazing my experience was as I viewed the Gullah Art. My experience was extra amazing because I had the opportunity to converse with Samantha Claar herself. She and her art have a lot in common: they are PHENOMENAL!! I love how each piece of artwork tells a different story and that they're not the same. The colors that are used in the artworks are bold, bright, and beautiful. I also enjoyed looking at the uniqueness of each little doll and everything else that was there too. Visiting the Gullah Living Art Gallery made me want to pick up a paint brush and start painting again. I can't wait to visit again!!

Jerry Spinelli   

And thank you, Samantha.

Hard to say for sure, but I'm guessing the book will be out sometime next year.
At the moment I'm halfway through.
Unless I change my mind, the title will be THE WALL AT THE END OF THE WORLD.

And again--LOVE your work!

Karla Mitchell   

I fell in love with it (Star Catcher II) when I saw the larger size print during a trip to Savannah in February.
The colors and subjects of your paintings are so beautiful.
Thanks for the update on my order.