De Nyew Testament (the New Testament)

gullah-bible1. Want a great read? Try the New Testament in Gullah! The original text is in the margins of each page and the Gullah translation is centered. These stories take on a whole new life in the Gullah language. They become current and immediate. The translation took 25 years and much of the work was done at the Penn Center on St. Helena’s Island outside Beaufort, SC. (A great history lesson place to visit)photo

This is a phonetic translation and helps the Gullah language remain viable, as fewer people speak it now. Once you enter into the cadence, the rhythm of it, the words sing to you and tell you an old story, humanized as though it is happening right now. When I read it, I see the speaker in my minds eye, I look at the rapt faces of people listening, the nods of agreement, the murmured, ‘ain’t it so’ of the old lady in the front row. I feel part of something bigger and stronger than I am, and for those moments, I say my own prayer of thanks.

I invite you to experience a different view of the New Testament and reach back in yourself for when things were simpler and you believed in goodness and evil – but always knew you would triumph.. as have the Gullah/Geechee people.



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