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Years ago a friend and I had a gallery on Tybee Island – She is a fine arts painter and I am a folk artist. We formed a business LLC and named our joint venture FineFolk. It aptly described our art styles and business collaboration. When that joint venture ended, I kept the name and paid the Secretary of State every year to renew the name and license.

Now that I am a gallery owner again and the type of painting I do can aptly be described as ‘Fine Folk Art’… I’m going to be using the FineFolk, LLC as my business moniker. Although Samantha Claar’s Gullah Living Art continues to be wonderfully successful, the scope of my art desire is increasing. My desire to do more things and investigate other art forms (clay and sculpture, to name two) is becoming reality. It does not mean that the TM Gullah Living series will cease, it just won’t be the only thing I’ll be working on. My Gullah work has never been Primitive, nor is it “Fine Art” as the art establishment would define that – But it is Fine Folk Art in many ways and thus once again the business name is totally appropriate.
I also represent other artists in the gallery and I value their contributions immensely. They are also Fine Folk Artists and so the name change makes it more inclusive of all of us.
You can still reach me at – and on fb at Samantha Claar’s Gullah Living ART Page
You can still call or text me at 404-966-3647 or email me @

This is just a notice to my customers, friends and followers that more and more often you will see the FineFolk – or FineFolk Gallery insignia and I wanted you to be aware that it is still me and my gallery associates – and you – now know – why it looks different.
Here’s to progress and friendship.. Samantha CLAAR 😀
FineFolk, LLC