Only the Poppies Are Real

The title “Only the Poppies Are Real” goes a long way towards telling the story (inspiration). 

My characters, the blues musician on the front, and his personal inspiration, the blues singer on the backside of the guitar, are influenced by the music they’re making and the poppies they are holding. What could be more intoxicating than standing in a field of poppies?

This collaboration between Fine Art (Vicci Wait`s signature flowers) and the Folk Art of Samantha Claar`s Gullah musicians makes a strong statement about the diversity of art and people to be found at City Market.

We are pleased to be part of supporting HUGS ( as we are situated between and are in close contact with the homeless population in Franklin and Ellis Squares. They are part of our daily experience.

If you are downtown, you MUST stop by The Art Center, 2 doors down from Belford’s Restaurant, to see this magnificent piece. It will also be displayed next Saturday, 06/07/2014, in the City Market courtyard during our first annual Art and Blues Festival, 11am-6:30pm. Come on down!