Sad Day – Happy Day

“In the Kitchen” leaves for a new home today.  It will be odd not to see 2 of my favorite women working in the huge kitchen, on the wall at the Studio..   at four feet high and five feet long – this leaves a large gap in my display.

The Universe is clearing the way for another large story to be told. 

Stay tuned for progress updates.


Right now I am working on a 30″ x 40″ canvas “The Savannah Quilt Exposition 1885”
The featured quilt, blue ribbon,  (by an old, old lady who sits by its side) is called ‘The Journey’  and has four large panels depicting
1. leaving Africa enslaved
2. The Middle Passage and souls returning home
3. Arrival at the Savannah Waterfront and the march up the cobblestone path
4. A slave and her children working in the cotton fields, weeding and picking bugs off the plants

I get goosebumps working on it as the impact is very direct in this story..
There are 2 potential buyers waiting on me to finish this one.. but you will get to see it before it leaves..

Pray for more rainy days – I paint particularly well when it is raining..

Thanks, Samantha