Samantha’s Recommended Reading List

Sam's recommended reading list.These three books will give you a well rounded education in the Gullah-Geechee culture.  Oh, you noticed there are 4 titles.. Well, Someone Knows My Name and The Book of Negroes are the same book.  They are built around the life of an 8 year old girl, caught by slavers and brought to Georgia to build the rice plantations.  One of her owners teaches her to read and write and she helps the British during the American Revolution by scribing the names of slaves who assist the British during the war into “The Book of Negroes” so they can claim the land promised to them in Nova Scotia.  You live with her, Aminata, until she is 100 years old and what a life..  Great read

God, Dr. Buzzard and the Bolito Man – first person account of being born and raised on Sapelo Island by Cornelia Walker Bailey.  She still lives there and operate she general store and has rental cabins.  Sapelo is worth the trip and Ms. Bailey is delightful.  This book is loaded with Geechee beliefs, stories, superstitions and folklore. 

Praying for Sheetrock by Melissa Fay Greene is non fiction but so beautifully written, the prose so evocative that you simply feel you’re reading a great story.  The 70’s in McIntosh County where the Civil Rights Movement hasn’t happened yet..  McIntosh County is also home to Darien and Sapelo Island.  Old Hwy 17 runs from up North to Florida – and they are gonna getcha on the way through.  Oh, and if you’re Black .. Watch out for Sheriff Poppell.  Find out how a simple hardscrabble life can have you “Praying for Sheetrock”.

I keep these books (used) at the City Market gallery and at the Village Craftsmen for a puddly sum so people will READ them.  What a fantastic way to educate yourself about the Gullah-Geechee culture.