Save the Date! Doll Party on Friday, May 6th

Save the Date! Doll Party on Friday, May 6th 2016

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‘The Doll Party ‘   Join us at the new FineFolk gallery to view and applaud a large selection of adult and child Black Art Dolls from two premier doll makers. Genya, from Charleston SC  with award winning traditional Gullah dolls, dressed exquisitely to honor their West African heritage.   DMcB of Pittsburgh PA.  with stuffed soft sculpture dolls and Gullah Boys and Girls reminiscent of rag dolls.  This grouping of Black Art Dolls has been especially prepared for this occasion.  We are also offering some antique and vintage dolls.

This ‘Doll Party’ also presents, for the first time, Samantha Claar’s  “WEE PEOPLE”.  Clothespin dolls with exquisite hand painted faces and an eclectic array of re-purposed and unique outfits.  These wee dolls do far more than sit on a shelf.  Choices include clip-ons, magnetic back and wearable lapel pin versions.  This is their premier performance.

We have discovered that people are never too old to play with dolls, to enjoy them and honor their place in our lives.  From the poorest rag doll to the most sophisticated Gullah Festival doll, a tea party is not to be missed – so join us  The dolls and staff will be in soiree mode, serving –  tea cup cocktails and tiny sandwiches – while you enjoy visiting and shopping.

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