The Gathering

The Gathering 

‘Sista’s of the Sea Islands’

This painting is almost finished with a 2nd. canvas to the left coming along rapidly. 
The 3rd canvas, to the right, is begun.
This is a large panorama piece with the following dimensions
36 x 36    36 x 48    36 x 36  (inches)  –   acrylic on canvas  – 1.5 inches deep with painted edges
I am having a lot of fun with this although I am having to struggle with working on an easel or on a desk that is too small. 
It has made me realize that I am in need of a slant space to the right of my table where I can sit and work comfortably on  large pieces.  It will also give the option to stand and work.  Trivia, details,  adversity IS the Mother of Invention and I will take advantage of that. 
The left panel will follow shortly and I took a series of photos so you can see how the work progressed on that one.
I’m having fun (in spite of a nasty cold)  Will keep you posted.. SAM


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