Whitfield Lovell: Deep River

Deep River

@ the JEPSON CENTER (one of the Telfair Museums, Savannah GA)

Whitfield Lovell: Deep River

August 15, 2014 – February 1, 2015

Artist Whitfield Lovell is internationally renowned for his thought-provoking portraits and signature tableaux. In this exhibition, Lovell utilizes sculpture, video, drawing, sound, and music to create an environment that fully engages our senses and emotions. His art pays tribute to the lives of anonymous African Americans and is universal in its exploration of passage, memory, and the search […]

SAM Says:  A must see if you’re in Savannah.  The most beautiful, detailed charcoal drawings done with backgrounds of utter simplicity or on re-purposed old wood.  Just stunning.  Shown in 3 rooms, the installation gives you time to notice all the nuances he brings to his work.  I regret I didn’t get there sooner so I could be spreading the word all along.   You have till Feb 1st. 2015.. take advantage of this marvelous exhibit.